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Wrap-Up Blog Post

It has been a tremendous, yet challenging experience for me, of working to understand, practice, organize, and complete each project assigned for this class throughout this entire Fall semester. I enjoyed working with all of the projects; however, I must say that my favorite was the Graphic Collage. The reason being is that I have a passion of working with photographs ever since I was little, and I was always eager to build my photo-editing skills as I grow older. Fortunately, when I had approached the syllabus in the first week of the semester, I was very excited when I knew I will finally be learning to get creative with pictures through the use of Adobe Photoshop. From this graphic collage project, I was introduced to the different Adobe Photoshop tools and effects by the awesome tutorial video and guide provided. Then, I was able to work on my own graphic collage draft and was able to receive comments and critiques from my fellow group members on how to better improve my final project. Working towards my final graphic collage, I was very proud of myself, because I knew I had moved to a higher level in terms of photo editing and organization.

After the success of my first final graphic collage with Adobe, I was addicted in creating more graphic collage from my very own designs. Since now I have knowledge in working with Adobe Photoshop, I look forward to helping my aunty’s graphic designs shop back home in American Samoa every summer starting next year. I have always wanted to work there, because graphic designs were one of my favorite things to do, but I was never sure on how to work with Adobe Photoshop and other professional photo editing programs. This will be a great opportunity for me to work with bigger projects and get better with graphic designs. I am grateful to have taken this course, because I have gained so many skills in the different media projects assigned throughout the semester. All of the resources and links that were posted to assist me in completing my project and meeting requirements were more than enough to help get the job done. I highly recommend this class to anyone who loves to put their imagination to work, because I feel that this class has given me so many opportunities through different projects assigned to express myself and creativity.


Final Video Story

Here, I present to you the final look of my video story. As you can see and tell, I have remodeled and refined almost every aspect of my video, from the opening scenes and transition effects, to the organization of video clips and audios, and more! The main goal was to apply all that I have learned from the video tutorials to my final video story, and to really attract and capture the attention of my viewers. I really took into consideration one of my group member’s critique on the audio. Therefore, I separated the audio from the video clips, so that the volume levels will remain balanced throughout my entire video story. The audio selections (the Samoan horn and drums in the beginning and the Samoan traditional song) used in here were produced and recorded especially by my brother, Apelu So’oa’emalelagi, for the enjoyment and success of my final video story.

As for the audio and video transition effects, I aimed to be creative this time and try to match each transition effect to where it suited them. From my own perspective, these final changes that I have made on my video story turned out much better than the draft. However, I wished I was able to recover the video clips of the Samoan group dance performances that I had shot in Hawaii during my Thanksgiving Break visit. It was my goal to add an individual and a group performance for each of the two types of Samoan dances. Although that did not work out as planned, I was able to input some of the shots from our Pacific Islander’s Club dance performances from this year’s Dad’s weekend.

Video shooting and designing are fun. I love that I have been able to learn so much about video and filming from this class. Now I am excited to put my skills to work anytime in the future!

Video Story Draft

Welcome to my Video Story Draft. It is with great pride that I introduce to you the idea I had in my mind for my draft video. When I had approached the start of this project with the video footages, I really thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase the different kinds of dances in the Samoan culture. It was my intention to try and gather footages of all the Samoan dances that WSU Pacific Islander students here could possibly perform. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a hold of one Pacific Islander student, who was interested in dedicating his time to share with us the two of the many types of Samoan dances, which were seemingly his favorite.  The first dance is the slap dance or Fa’ataupati. This dance is mainly performed by a man or a group of men, as it requires strength and stability. It is often referred to a victorious war dance. The second dance is the strike dance or Sasa. This dance can be performed by both males and females in a seated position or standing. Hand movements are used to depict activities taken from everyday life in the Samoan culture.

In this video draft of mine, I have introduced those types of Samoan dances with introductory stilled titles followed by video clips of each dance performances. Not to mention, I have also given an opening stilled title to introduce the entire project as a whole. For the stilled title backgrounds, I have included just the video clips without audio, whereas I kept the audio for the clips of the dance performances, because the music is needed for the movements and actions this Pacific Islander student in my video draft will be performing.

I look forward to receiving critiques and recommendations in order to take the next steps towards the construction of my final video story. All I have in mind as of the moment is adding distilled titles for the descriptions of each dance before showcasing how each of these Samoan dances is performed. Thank you for tuning in.

Video Tutorials

Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2:

Multimedia Video Footage

Samoan Slap Dance performance by WSU-Pacific Island student: PJ Lelauti

Samoan Sasa Dance performance by WSU-Pacific Island student: PJ Lelauti

Final Audio Story

For my final audio story, I added more to what I had for my draft. I was able to meet up with my mentee- Emerson again and had him go into depth and elaborate on the different cultural programs and activities WSU has been and is still offering him to get involved in as a Pacific Islander. For my interview, I added a more interesting start to it. I began with greeting the audience in the Samoan language, so that the audience can better identify that I am Samoan. I’ve also shared in depth some of my experiences in the Multicultural Student Services and Pacific Islanders Club ever since I attended here.

After inputting these add-on’s from both of our interviews with my mentee, I basically used the razor tool to cut some of the “umm’s” and the unnecessary pauses throughout each of our interviews. I also tried to fade parts and give the right amount of space between certain parts to make it sound smooth. After completing those steps towards my final project, I knew I had satisfied all of the critiques stated by my group members, so I moved on to the next step to fulfilling what I had in mind, which was adding an Otea drum beat instrumental in the background. This Otea drum beat instrumental is a combination of other popular Tahitian Otea drum beats found on Youtube. I thought it would be a great idea to use this Otea drums beat instrumental mix as part of my final audio story, because it was used for our performance during Dad’s Weekend 2011 Luau.

After inputting the music as part of my final audio story, I tried to fade the talking in and out less than the music so that it sounded dominant. I think I could have added a little more information from other people, but I didn’t want to make it too long and bore the audience. Hope our share in this audio story gave an interesting sounding to the ear. Thank you for tuning in!

Draft Audio Story

When trying to figure out what kind of audio story I would create based on my topic entitled, “My Passion for Pacific cultures,” I was debating on whether to interview Pacific Islander students here at WSU why they love their Pacific cultures or what their experiences as Pacific Islanders are like throughout their college years here at WSU. My mind was settled when I first interviewed my mentee, Emerson, who is actually from the same island as I am. Instead of sharing as to why he loved our Samoan culture, he wanted to share his experience here at WSU, and how WSU offers many opportunities to make him feel at home.

My goal for my audio story is to address my theme (relevant to the my topic) of “How the Pacific culture grows  no matter where Pacific Islanders go” and “How one Pacific Islander’s experience can positively influence incoming Pacific Islanders here at WSU.

I only conducted two interviews, one of my mentee at Multicultural Student Services, and the other of my own experiences and perspective. I would love to receive any feedback, whether or not to get more interviews or not. Because I feel like my mentee and I, have addressed our experiences on behalf of every Pacific Islander here at WSU, clear enough.

The next step I would take towards this project, in preparation to getting the final story draft done, is to add a narration in the beginning and the ending. I will also use the razor tool to cut out the part where we both introduce our names, and go straight to our interviews. To wrap it all up, I will also add an instrumental in the background throughout my story-telling to avoid being dull.

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