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Wrap-Up Blog Post

It has been a tremendous, yet challenging experience for me, of working to understand, practice, organize, and complete each project assigned for this class throughout this entire Fall semester. I enjoyed working with all of the projects; however, I must say that my favorite was the Graphic Collage. The reason being is that I have a passion of working with photographs ever since I was little, and I was always eager to build my photo-editing skills as I grow older. Fortunately, when I had approached the syllabus in the first week of the semester, I was very excited when I knew I will finally be learning to get creative with pictures through the use of Adobe Photoshop. From this graphic collage project, I was introduced to the different Adobe Photoshop tools and effects by the awesome tutorial video and guide provided. Then, I was able to work on my own graphic collage draft and was able to receive comments and critiques from my fellow group members on how to better improve my final project. Working towards my final graphic collage, I was very proud of myself, because I knew I had moved to a higher level in terms of photo editing and organization.

After the success of my first final graphic collage with Adobe, I was addicted in creating more graphic collage from my very own designs. Since now I have knowledge in working with Adobe Photoshop, I look forward to helping my aunty’s graphic designs shop back home in American Samoa every summer starting next year. I have always wanted to work there, because graphic designs were one of my favorite things to do, but I was never sure on how to work with Adobe Photoshop and other professional photo editing programs. This will be a great opportunity for me to work with bigger projects and get better with graphic designs. I am grateful to have taken this course, because I have gained so many skills in the different media projects assigned throughout the semester. All of the resources and links that were posted to assist me in completing my project and meeting requirements were more than enough to help get the job done. I highly recommend this class to anyone who loves to put their imagination to work, because I feel that this class has given me so many opportunities through different projects assigned to express myself and creativity.


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