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Final Video Story

Here, I present to you the final look of my video story. As you can see and tell, I have remodeled and refined almost every aspect of my video, from the opening scenes and transition effects, to the organization of video clips and audios, and more! The main goal was to apply all that I have learned from the video tutorials to my final video story, and to really attract and capture the attention of my viewers. I really took into consideration one of my group member’s critique on the audio. Therefore, I separated the audio from the video clips, so that the volume levels will remain balanced throughout my entire video story. The audio selections (the Samoan horn and drums in the beginning and the Samoan traditional song) used in here were produced and recorded especially by my brother, Apelu So’oa’emalelagi, for the enjoyment and success of my final video story.

As for the audio and video transition effects, I aimed to be creative this time and try to match each transition effect to where it suited them. From my own perspective, these final changes that I have made on my video story turned out much better than the draft. However, I wished I was able to recover the video clips of the Samoan group dance performances that I had shot in Hawaii during my Thanksgiving Break visit. It was my goal to add an individual and a group performance for each of the two types of Samoan dances. Although that did not work out as planned, I was able to input some of the shots from our Pacific Islander’s Club dance performances from this year’s Dad’s weekend.

Video shooting and designing are fun. I love that I have been able to learn so much about video and filming from this class. Now I am excited to put my skills to work anytime in the future!


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