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Video Story Draft

Welcome to my Video Story Draft. It is with great pride that I introduce to you the idea I had in my mind for my draft video. When I had approached the start of this project with the video footages, I really thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase the different kinds of dances in the Samoan culture. It was my intention to try and gather footages of all the Samoan dances that WSU Pacific Islander students here could possibly perform. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a hold of one Pacific Islander student, who was interested in dedicating his time to share with us the two of the many types of Samoan dances, which were seemingly his favorite.  The first dance is the slap dance or Fa’ataupati. This dance is mainly performed by a man or a group of men, as it requires strength and stability. It is often referred to a victorious war dance. The second dance is the strike dance or Sasa. This dance can be performed by both males and females in a seated position or standing. Hand movements are used to depict activities taken from everyday life in the Samoan culture.

In this video draft of mine, I have introduced those types of Samoan dances with introductory stilled titles followed by video clips of each dance performances. Not to mention, I have also given an opening stilled title to introduce the entire project as a whole. For the stilled title backgrounds, I have included just the video clips without audio, whereas I kept the audio for the clips of the dance performances, because the music is needed for the movements and actions this Pacific Islander student in my video draft will be performing.

I look forward to receiving critiques and recommendations in order to take the next steps towards the construction of my final video story. All I have in mind as of the moment is adding distilled titles for the descriptions of each dance before showcasing how each of these Samoan dances is performed. Thank you for tuning in.


Comments on: "Video Story Draft" (3)

  1. Judging from the looks of my video story draft, I strongly feel that I have a lot of work to do in constructing my final project. First, I would start working on replacing the title animated sequence, because I feel like it is irrelevant to the main aspect of my topic. Second, I will focus on cutting each of the video clips shorter than they are. I will also add in new video clips, mainly one additional video clip to each of the dances, and this time I will show how each of the dances are performed individually and in groups. Third, I will work on assigning the different, creative transitions to each of the video clips. Fourth, I will work on adding some background music in between the video clips, and balance out the audio quality so that it will turn out better than it is. Finally, I will add a photo credit animated sequence at the end to recognize the contributors to my video story. In addition, I will consider any critique given by my group members and video in order to put an excellent look to my final project. Gotta get to work now. Wish me luck (:

  2. Island Girl,
    I think that your video is great! One of the things that I would suggest though is putting the traditional music to your video instead of having it play in the background. That way it would be a lot easier to hear and would just sound better in general. Another thing that I would change is the beginning title colors. The black color on the dark background is a little hard to see. Another thing that you might want to add is an introduction of what you are about to show and maybe explaining like the background of the dance. Other than those small things, I really like where you are going and I think that it has some great potential. Good luck!

  3. Very cool video. The entire thing displays some awesome cultural elements that I’m sure a lot of people are not aware of. I would definitely suggest putting in some background music so that people who don’t understand the dances can get in to it as well. Also I think that you should insert something in the beginning of each dance that explains the cultural relevance or the importance of the dances to Samoans. Knowing what the dances mean and their significance in Samoan culture could be a really cool elements to explore. I know that I would be really intrigued by it. If you used that along with some stronger ending elements like credits or dialogue, I think you would have a really compelling and informative concept to your video. Overall I really enjoyed it and I hope that the final product turns out well!

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