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Draft Audio Story

When trying to figure out what kind of audio story I would create based on my topic entitled, “My Passion for Pacific cultures,” I was debating on whether to interview Pacific Islander students here at WSU why they love their Pacific cultures or what their experiences as Pacific Islanders are like throughout their college years here at WSU. My mind was settled when I first interviewed my mentee, Emerson, who is actually from the same island as I am. Instead of sharing as to why he loved our Samoan culture, he wanted to share his experience here at WSU, and how WSU offers many opportunities to make him feel at home.

My goal for my audio story is to address my theme (relevant to the my topic) of “How the Pacific culture grows  no matter where Pacific Islanders go” and “How one Pacific Islander’s experience can positively influence incoming Pacific Islanders here at WSU.

I only conducted two interviews, one of my mentee at Multicultural Student Services, and the other of my own experiences and perspective. I would love to receive any feedback, whether or not to get more interviews or not. Because I feel like my mentee and I, have addressed our experiences on behalf of every Pacific Islander here at WSU, clear enough.

The next step I would take towards this project, in preparation to getting the final story draft done, is to add a narration in the beginning and the ending. I will also use the razor tool to cut out the part where we both introduce our names, and go straight to our interviews. To wrap it all up, I will also add an instrumental in the background throughout my story-telling to avoid being dull.


Comments on: "Draft Audio Story" (4)

  1. Hi there! Okay so I really enjoyed your audio story. It was brief yet had enough detail to keep me interested throughout the duration of the story. I think that your audio was well edited and had all the necessary aspects to engage the audience. It sounded clear, clean and natural and thus my attention stayed on the speakers which is great because losing focus from what is being said can damage your story’s effectiveness.
    Also, I like the way both you and Emerson “answered” questions that weren’t actually asked. It really informed me as your audience and made me feel like I started to understand your experience from when you first arrived at WSU, to the present.
    Lastly, I think that the way you have presented your topic through the speaker’s point of view and their own first hand experiences is extremely effective as it makes your story credible and interesting. I think if you were to perhaps add one more person to the interview your story would be fantastic!

  2. I think you have done a great job on your audio story! I feel it is up to you whether or not to include more interviews. Like you said, you addressed your experiences on behalf of every Pacific Islander here at WSU, clear enough. I like how you conducted your interviews on your experiences in a new culture and how WSU aided in welcoming you. You did an excellent job of relating to the topic of your blog, and your audio story was very easy to follow. In your written post you say that you plan on editing out your names. I think you should keep them! It makes the interviews more personal. You could edit out the “hello’s” instead. And I think music in the background will be a great idea! In your second interview, there is a part where Emerson says “just like Monique” a couple times and I think it’s a bit too repetitive. But overall I think your audio story is very smooth and well edited!!

  3. I appreciate all of the feedback and critiques presented by my fellow group members. I always look forward to this step of the final project, where I can receive all the help I can get in order to fix and finalize my audio story. After reviewing the comments already posted by my group members, it seems like me and Emerson in our interviews have addressed my topic clear enough. However, I still have that feeling where there should be more to the my audio story. For the next step, I would like to meet up with Emerson again so that he can further elaborate some of the specific programs that Multicultural Student Services has gotten him involved in so far. As for me, I would further elaborate on either the Pacific Islanders club activities or its Dad’s Weekend Luau. I am still considering collecting those additional footage this week. If they can blend in with what I have so far in my draft, I will definitely include those in my final audio story. Also, expect that I will include a drum-like instrumental in the background to enhance my final audio story as it goes along. As suggested by one group member, I will definitely use the razor tool to remove the Hello’s before my interview as well as Emerson’s. I hope to bring about a very interesting, lively, and detailed audio story as the final product.

  4. When I was listening to your interview I noticed the flow and lack of noise disturbances. It was very clear and you did a great job of editing. I like how you expressed how your experiences at WSU as a Pacific Islander. The interviews were conducted very well in the sense that they were very fluent, clean, and interesting. I like how in the interviews you talked about your experiences in new environment and how WSU was able to help you as well as all Pacific islanders.
    I like your audio story because it is easy to follow and is interesting. I like how you stayed on your theme for your audio story. It was very clear what you are talking about and it very straightforward. I like how there is no questions asked in either interview. It gives it a nice flow and no pauses in the voices.

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