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Final Logo


Hello there, viewers. I would like to introduce to you my Final Logo project. I have designed my logo in a way that perfectly represents an important aspect of my topic entitled, “My Passion for my Traditional Samoan Dance.”

When I started with the first step of my Logo project, which was the draft logo, I started by laying out a rectangle and some circles, which gave me the idea of a Samoan woman wearing the traditional Samoan headdress. To give a brief summary of the headdress, it is part of the Samoan traditional outfit that one should wear, when performing the traditional Siva Samoa. The headdress is handmade with a solid headband, bamboo sticks, shells, feathers, pearls, and human hair.

When I constructed my logo, I formed a rectangle with a solid black fill, and formed star shapes with white solid fills and crooked, thin lines, running through it to complete the looks of the headband. Attached to the center of the headband going up were three different circles, varying from larger to smaller, and one of top of the other, to represent the shells. Each and every circle had a liner gradient fill of the colors, white and gray. After that, I attached three rectangle shapes to the shells with widths minimized to form bamboo-looking-sticks, which then stood at 60 to 70 degree angles. I then moved on to use the pencil to create a feather-looking object, added a gradient fill, and made 10 duplicates of the object to attach on the bamboo sticks I had created. The next move was to create human hair, attached to the headband and flowing out. For this part, I used the paintbrush tool in black to outline the hair, and then I used a light brown fill on it. Moving along with the paintbrush, I outlined the face of the Samoan lady, including the trace of red lipstick on her mouth and on the cheek to form a half-moon, which completes the make-up of a Samoan lady, when performing the Siva Samoa. This could have been the last step for the logo; however, I added the Samoan necklace made from the pig’s teeth to balance how the logo will look overall. From the bamboo stick I previously created from rectangles, I took one and made 5 duplicates of it to form the necklace, and attached it to the neck. The logo was completed; however it was just a draft, which needed feedback from viewers in order to work on the final logo.

From the critiques I had received from my group members, not much work was needed to be done on my logo; they only recommended that I give it a touch up for the background. Therefore, I formed a circle around the headdress and necklace, sent it to the back, and gave it a radial gradient with colors white and brown. Then for the final move, I gave the background an outer-glow, which gave my final logo the perfect shine.


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