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My Draft Logo



Before I started on my draft logo, the one thing that was unsettling in my mind was the selection of the perfect illustration to be used as my logo in order to represent my passion and pride in Polynesian cultural dances, but most especially my traditional Samoan dance. I kept adding and removing shapes and objects back and forth in hopes to get an idea of what my logo actually would be.

I started laying out a rectangle then some circles to accompany it, and then it slowly got to me that those shapes reminded me of something. I reflected back to one of the previous projects I’ve had in this class, and I came across my final collage project and spotted an image that suited the shapes that I had put together. It was the picture of me wearing the headdress, during my traditional Samoan dance. The main thing that caught my attention for the logo was not the entire image as it appeared, but the looks of the headdress. It was then that I immediately settled for the headdress as a representation of my logo, but most of all, my topic.

With a rectangle and a total of 3 circles I have already laid out, I started building the looks of the traditional Samoan headdress using brushes to sketch the face and solid fills to complete the looks of the objects. To be clear, the headdress is hand-made with feathers, shells, pearls, and human hair. You can add more items to it, but the human hair is a must to be included. As you can see on my draft logo, I have added some starfish using the star shape to complete the headband, and a necklace (made out of a pig’s teeth) to accompany the headdress and the girl’s face. The pig’s teeth were formed from rectangles, which were expanded to form teeth-shaped objects. The headdress logo was then created, but I had finalized it by placing a large circle with a gradient fill behind the headdress to surround it in order to enhance the headdress and give it a more interesting look.


Comments on: "My Draft Logo" (4)

  1. By just looking at your logo I can tell that you are trying to convey history, traditions, and values. Your logo completely entails your theme. And the background emphasizes your logo without taking away from it. I think I enjoy the brown background with the black logo because the colors are calming and neutral. I think the white is a little bright though, maybe a cream color would go better?

    Your logo works well without any words or narration because it is displayed well. But if you wanted to add a name to it I do not think that would harm the logo one bit. The simplicity of the colors is done well and emphasizes tradition. I think the one part that could use improvement is your description of creating it. Like I see white lines or folds in the headband part of the head dress and they are not outlined in the description. But other than just describing how you created your logo more it looks great!

  2. From first glance, I could tell that your logo was based on culture. Your logo is very detailed and it seems like you took a various amount of time and effort brain storming an idea and creating your image. In your logo you used many different types of shapes and colors which catches my attention easily. You did a very good job detailing the hair and outfit of your Samoan dancer. Explaining the features of your logo is very important because I did not know what all those features were, such as the headdress necklaces etc. You explained the steps you did to create your logo, which is a good for your audience to follow along. I got a vibe that your logo is portrayed as something simple, because of lack of effects; however, it is not simple for the amount of your work you put in for your logo. I think you did a good job on your logo, you can add more details if you want. But I think it is fine the way it is. Maybe add an effect? All in all, I liked your logo.

  3. Wow, first off I would like to applaud your effort. It looks like this might have taken a while to illustrate. It is a great sketch, and I can instantly tell what you are going for. However, I think you can still make it a lot better through simplicity. You have to think about the different places a logo will show up. Anywhere from a small letterhead to a large billboard. Therefore, it would be very difficult to reproduce this logo legibly on a small letterhead. So I think you should remove some aspects of your design. In addition, most people would not have the time to process the entire logo if they were to just take a glance. So I think you should tone it down. If you look at the Browning logo, I think you will understand what I mean. It is simple, yet conveys something a lot more detailed. With your logo specifically, it might be tough to keep your theme, but I think it can be done. Alongside that, you might want to play around with the background a little. The brown circle fits the theme brilliantly, but it is a little bland. You may be able to fix that with a simple stroke around the outside. It will also make your logo sort of stand out and pop if you know what I mean. However, I think this is a great start. You might just want to look at some of the popular mainstream logos to get some simple ideas. With that, I am confident you will be able to make this a nice logo. Good luck!


  4. While this is just a draft for both the logo & description, my mind has already started developing new ideas of what’s going to stay, be added and removed. I feel like I have already laid out what I wanted for the overall look, but I need to work on the background gradient, and adding a more lively look to the eyes and face. I appreciate all of the feedback, especially the critiques from my fellow group members. Now I am able to work hand-in-hand with the feedback, my self-critique, and my draft logo. I will take in consideration the comment that was given by some of my group members about working on giving a clear, logical description of my draft logo. I will make sure to provide a thorough description of each feature from the top of the headdress to the bottom of the necklace. I will also work on limiting all the tones to a neutral glow, so that no color would stand out of place from the rest of the logo. And since, most of the feedback I have received stated that the logo is self-explanatory, then I wouldn’t need any slogan, narrations, or texts to go with it, but I will work on bringing to the blog a more interesting and effective final look! 🙂

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