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Graphic Collage Draft

Here is an initial setup of my graphic collage composed of 5 images, which includes an edited background image and 4 other edited photos. The main focus of my photo collage is to portray the cultural aspect that I value the most wherever I go, which is dancing. Therefore, I started with the selection of my background image. I chose the map of my homeland, because it gives a bigger picture as to where I am originally from. With the background image editing, I worked mostly with the adjustment levels, basically because I wanted the image to standout since I have chosen it as the background photo. I changed the brightness and contrast levels a lot, and added a little bit of vibrance and saturation to it. I figured that the next step I should take is to slightly blur it so that the images on the collage will stand out a little more. As for the collage images, I thought it would be interesting if I could place an image of a plumeria (most common flower in the South Pacific Islands), a picture of myself in my cultural wear, an image of my Pacific Islanders club (PIC) dancers, and another photo of myself along with the ladies of the PIC (in orange) performing at the Dad’s Weekend Luau held at WSU. I figured that the image of the plumeria would give a more island-look to my collage, whereas the rest of the images would altogether give a clear portrait of how I have embraced cultural dancing wherever I go. I have spiced each and every image up a little bit mostly by adjusting the levels and opacity. One of the images that was sort of different was the picture of myself with the headdress. I wanted to do a separation of the image and the background just because the picture didn’t involve anyone else but me and my cultural wear. I hope to add more touch ups and effects on every image so that it would bring out the best island-look that would perfectly reflect my blog post topic. 


Comments on: "Graphic Collage Draft" (5)

  1. I really enjoyed your collage. I found that the images you used really drew me in as a viewer, and that came to understand a lot about your home as well as the cultural aspect of dancing simply through viewing your collage. Your graphic collage is very successful in persuading the audience of the beauty and culture of your homeland. One adjustment I would recommend is increasing the size of the three images of you, and slightly decreasing the size of the flower image, not to diminish its importance but to enhance the “dancing” message of your narrative. Lastly, I really like the way you have set out the images in your collage, especially the background image- which helps create the ‘feel’ of your story. However, I think if you were to maybe insert some drop shadows in the smaller images, or enhance colour a bit more it would strengthen your image’s message even more!

  2. I really like your theme and collage. Personally, I would love to see the plumeria picture a little smaller and possibly cropped a bit more. So much of the edge is blurred that it slightly takes away from the flower.
    I absolutely love that you separated the photo of you in your cultural wear from the background. I think this really represents you and so it should be a bigger piece on your collage.
    The picture of you and the women of the PIC feels slightly dropped into the collage. If you soften the edges more and brighten it up I think it would look much better.
    As for your write-up, I would try to separate it into paragraphs so that it is easier on the eyes. Defining what PIC is would be helpful. Also, you called your collage a “story-line,” I don’t really see a storyline in the collage. I see a representation of your cultural background but not a storyline. If you want it to be a storyline maybe include some pictures from when you were younger?
    Overall I really like what you have so far!

  3. I enjoy all your photos in your collage. They are simply and easy to understand. I think it is a very effective design because of a few reasons. The collage does not look too busy. The simplicity of the pictures makes every picture seem clear and understandable. I like how your background is a picture of a mountain, bay, beach, and the ocean. It is a very beautiful picture. I like how you have a picture of yourself creating barrier from one side of your collage to the next. It is an effective use of your picture. The picture of the flower makes the collage brighter and more colorful. One thing that could improve your collage significantly is editing your background picture and adjusting the color to make it brighter. It is a nice picture but it seems dull (brighten the mountain up a little bit, and another thing I would do is maybe give your pictures a small boarder. Great job.

  4. I want to start off by saying how much I like the fact you fit yourself to your collage. It’s awesome the way you portray your culture and where your from in such a positive light. It’s good to see people who pride themselves on being where they’re from. I can definitely tell your final collage is going to be fantastic because you have so much emotion invested with these pictures being that they portray home for you. I have a lot of respect for that.

    What I’d like to comment on that might benefit how your picture turns out is the centering of yourself in the headress. I like the way you used the drop shadow behind that picture to make it stand out; however, I believe you can make your collage much stronger by positioning that picture in another spot more fitting for space to get taken up. The only other thing that stood out to me was the blur you put on with the picture of the flower. I understand you’re trying to make the focus strictly on the flower itself but, I think the blur is almost a little intense whereas it takes away from the beauty of that picture. Aside from those suggestions I’m impressed! Keep up the good work!

  5. After reviewing all of the comments, whether it be suggestions or critiques, previously stated by my fellow group members, I can say that I totally agree with each and every one of you. Referring back to my first draft photo collage, I have already pointed out the areas that I need to work on adjusting and improving, and all props to the honest feedbacks that I have received from everyone. One of the things that I would like to focus on first is my background image size and effects. I would like to enlarge it a little more to about 200 pixels for each of the height and width, and also enhance it a little more to give it a more island feel, as suggested by sarahkatesteger and damonsprague. According to the feedbacks, the image sizes for the rest of the other photos are sort of small for the public view and to ease a little bit on the effects for the orange picture. I am definitely taking those critiques in consideration for the final product. The image that would most likely stay at its center position but will receive a little more touchup to it is the image of myself with the headdress. The rest of the other pictures I need to work on their edges and make it blend revolve around the center-piece image. If I can find an extra space after the adjustments already mentioned, I would add pictures of myself when I was young performing cultural dances in order to satisfy the true critique stated by sarahkatesteger. On the other hand, I will work add more description to the acronym – PIC, which stands for the Pacific Islanders Club at WSU— also a great suggestion given by talithas. Other than that, I will try my best to bring about the best of the best graphic collage and blog post description I can design and write as the final product! Wish me luck 

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